Fleet Essentials Online Training

Help Your Fleet Drivers Arrive Alive

Many assume fleet drivers are well-trained but that’s not always the case. About 15.5 million non-CDL drivers who are required to drive for work (but may not consider themselves fleet or professional drivers) may be lacking formal training. Delivery truck drivers and sales employees have the highest rates of injuries and fatalities among all occupations.

To address this alarming training gap, the National Safety Council developed Fleet Essentials, a series of online courses you can use to educate fleet drivers and ensure they make it home safely to loved ones each day.

Proper qualification and training of drivers can lower a company’s insurance cost, vehicle downtime and repair expenses. It may also reduce medical care costs, limit the harm to an organization’s reputation, and help prevent the catastrophic consequences of a legal settlement.

Exclusive vehicle-specific course content

NSC Fleet Essentials is the only fleet driver training with vehicle-specific course content. Our first module, for drivers of passenger vehicles, includes about 40 minutes of content:

● Safe backing
● Vehicle dynamics
● Pre and post-trip inspections
● Six deadly choices -- speeding, violating the right of way, distracted driving, turning improperly, driving left of center and following too closely
● Other vehicle-specific content

Modules for delivery vehicles and medium-duty trucks will be available later this year.

NSC Fleet Essentials Online Training Program

Driving Professionally
20-minute online course

This course helps fleet drivers understand key characteristics of driving professionally, and recognize the importance of organization representation and liability while driving. The course explores the difference between driving for personal benefit versus driving in the course of your work. Driver qualification and preparation are key elements to safe vehicle operation and include the driver’s own state of mind.

Vehicle Dynamics
45-minute online course

This course helps drivers understand their vehicle’s capabilities, limitations and how the physical forces of inertia, gravity and velocity affect it. Participants also learn why it is important to avoid risky maneuvers and how to avoid them. The course takes an in-depth look at vehicle dynamics -- such as yaw, pitch and roll – and demonstrates how they contribute to safe vehicle operation.

Distracted Fleet Driver
20-minute online course

Distracted driving claimed 3,142 lives in 2020. This course reminds fleet drivers that they cannot drive safely unless they’re attentive, alert and engaged. Participants learn why it’s important to remain distraction-free and how to minimize distractions while driving. This course reviews the science of distracted driving, reveals myths about multitasking and covers the dangerous effects of distracted driving for the fleet driver. It also looks at the unique sources of distractions for fleet drivers, shows how to eliminate them and describes how to identify other road users that may be distracted -- and how to deal with them.