Terms & Conditions

National Safety Council, Nebraska Terms and Conditions


I am responsible for reading and understanding everything in this policy and on the National Safety Council, Nebraska (NSCN) website pertaining to eligibility for the in-person or online classes I am registering for. NSCN is not responsible if I fail to comply with the eligibility and scheduling requirements and (if I am enrolling in a traffic ticket dismissal class) my ticket is not dismissed.


Traffic Dismissal, Court Order, and other Driver Training Classes:

  • It is my responsibility to enter accurate personal and ticket information.
  • I am responsible to bring a valid drivers licens to all in-person classes.
  • I must enroll within 12 calendar days of receiving my ticket or pay a late fee.
  • I must complete my class at least 7 days prior to the court date on my ticket.
  • I am not considered enrolled unless I have entered all of the requested information, selected my class, and have paid the required class fee.
  • Upon completing my class registration, NSCN will verify my eligibility. 
  • Duplicate certificates of completion will be issued for a fee.
  • For ticket dismissal, the available classes are STOP, STAR, Alive at 25, and Coaching the Experienced Driver. The class I may attend is based on my violation, where my ticket was issued, and when I last took a class.
  • I may be able to dismiss one or all of my violations by taking a class. If I cannot dismiss all the violations, I must follow the instructions on my ticket for the remaining violations. This will usually involve pleading guilty or appearing in court on my court date. Court costs will apply.
  • If my ticket has the “PI” (Personal Injury collision) box checked I am not eligible for any class.
  • If I hold a CDL (Commercial Driver License) I am not eligible for any class.
  • I may re-schedule once prior to the date of my original class date, however, my rescheduled class must be completed at least 7 days prior to my court date.  Fees may apply. To re-schedule I must email safety@safenebraska.org or call 402-898-7361. I will receive a response within one business day.
  • If I fail to re-schedule and do not complete class at least 7 days prior to my court date, I must follow the instructions on the ticket.

NSCN will not issue a refund for an online course.  NSCN will not issue a refund  for a missed in-person course.

Occupational Safety & Health classes:

  • Advance registration is required.  A full class fee refund will be issued to me if I cancel my registration at least three (3) business days prior to the class/event. NSCN will assess a 25% charge if I fail to cancel or reschedule with fewer than three (3) business days’ notice prior to the event. There are NO REFUNDS on non-cancelled registrations (no-show). 
  • Certificates are distributed after verification of attendance.

First Aid, CPR, Child Care Classes and Emergency Care Series:

  • Registration policy: Advanced registration is required. For a full refund or to avoid a rescheduling fee, notice of changes must be given at least 5 business days before the class. A $25 cancellation/rescheduling fee will be issued to changes made within 5 business days prior to class. There are no refunds on no-shows. We reserve the right to cancel a class in advance. In this case, NSCN will provide rescheduling at no fee.

Driver Education Classes:

  • A valid Nebraska Learner’s Permit, School Permit or (POP) Provisional Operator’s Permit is required prior to registration for this class.
  • A parental permission form is required by a legal parent/guardian for all individuals under age 19. This applies to the Teen Driver Education class and permission must be acknowledged at time of registration by a parent/legal guardian. 
  • NSCN may issue a full refund up to 2 weeks prior to the start date of class. Cancellations within 2 weeks of start date are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.  I must notify NSCN as soon as possible of the need to reschedule or cancel.  A (7) seven day advanced notice to reschedule or cancel is required to avoid a rescheduling fee of 50.00. Due to the high demand for Driver Education – NO REFUNDS will be given once a class has started. I may reschedule as space permits for a onetime fee of $50.00. Payment is due at the time of rescheduling.
  • A reschedule fee of $45 will be accessed to changes made to classroom session or drive session within 24 hours of the originally schedulded date.
  • I understand there may be ADDITIONAL FEES for missed classroom sessions, additional drive sessions, and/or re-test of drive test. 


  • NSCN will only cancel classes in cases of extreme weather. It is my responsibility to call to check on the status of my class.  I understand that NSCN will announce closing on local t.v. stations. 
  • NSCN will contact me in the in the event of class cancelation regarding options for class completion.
  • If my class has not been cancelled, but I feel it is too unsafe to travel, I may reschedule without penalty by emailing NSCN at safety@safenebraska.org and typing “weather” in the subject line and providing my contact information and reason for not attending



i understand that photographs and/or videos of people attending National Safety Council Nebraska's (NSCN) events may be used for NSCN's social media and promotion materials.


  • The National Safety Council, Nebraska, its agents, employees and instructors disclaim any and all liability for any damages whatsoever to any participant of these programs or any other persons arising out of said person’s participation or any information disseminated at this training program. The Council makes no warranties express or implied nor any endorsement of the products or materials discussed. The information presented at the training program is for training purposes only and is not intended to be professional advice.

Updated: January 4, 2022