Driver Education Scholarships

Through the generous support of AAA Nebraska, the National Safety Council, Nebraska announces scholarship program available to students for driver education training.

The AAA Nebraska Scholarship provides funding for students to receive full paid tuition for driver education. These scholarship programs will provide access to crucial training that might not otherwise have been available to them.

Students will receive 20 hours of in-person classroom instruction or up to 26 hours of online class training and receive up to five hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction to learn how to drive safely in our community. Students who successfully complete the driver education program have their written and skills testing waived at the Department of Motor Vehicles thereby allowing the students to easily obtain their Provisional Driving Permits.

Students will qualify for the Scholarships based on the following criteria; meeting the published government standards qualifications for school free/reduced lunch program, or be receiving Medicaid benefits. Students are also required to submit a brief essay regarding their motivation for enrolling in driver education and the benefit of earning and retaining a driver license.

Scholarships will cover the full cost of the program and will be awarded based on the Nebraska WIC Income Guidelines.

Please complete the application and mail or fax to:

National Safety Council, Nebraska
Attn: DR ED Program Manager
11620 “M” Circle
Omaha, NE 68137

Or fax to: (402) 896-6331

*There are currently no Driver Education scholarships available.*

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