What Employers Can Do To Help

The Cost of a Crash

The most dangerous part of a workday is the time spent in vehicles, including travel to and from work. Whether employing a fleet of drivers or a few daily commuters, a company is at risk. How much risk, depends on the frequency and duration of drive time. The more miles driven by employees, the higher the typical costs including; lost productivity, workers compensation costs, medical expenses, repair bills, replacement transportation, substitute labor and higher insurance premiums. Unfortunately, these costs reflect only a portion of your potential costs. Traffic crashes that occur off the job cost employers, too.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of workplace fatalities; costing employers anywhere from $16,500 to $500,000. The real tragedy is that many of these deaths and injuries are preventable. Unbuckled drivers account for 70% of fatalities on Nebraska roads and incur medical bills 50% higher than belted victims. Proper seat belt use reduces fatal and serious injury crashes by up to 60%. The simple act of buckling a safety belt may be the easiest and most cost effective way to prevent crash related injuries.

Four steps to protect employees:

1. Create a Policy

Develop a formal, written policy stating the company's position on seat belt use and distractions while driving.

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2. Communicate the Importance

Effective policies are communicated often and in various forms. Send regular messaging to employees via emails, newsletters, social media and training sessions to reinforce the policy.

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3. Schedule an Educational Seat Belt Presentation

National Safety Council, Nebraska offers an educational presentation about seat belt usage for your staff at no cost to you.

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4. Lead by Example

Company leadership must promote the desired safe driving behavior in order to create a company culture where unsafe driving is unacceptable. Let employees know that while they are on the road, nothing is more important than their safety.

Join the National Safety Council, Nebraska's Seat Belt Safety Award Program

The Seat Belt Safety Award Program is an effort by the National Safety Council, Nebraska to recognize businesses and schools dedicated to saving lives through seat belt use. Any Nebraska business recording 90% or higher seat belt use among employees is eligible to apply for National Safety Council, Nebraska Seat Belt Safety Award membership. Members receive special National Safety Council, Nebraska recognition, 2 complimentary tickets to our Critical Issues Breakfast Series, and the knowledge that they helped to save lives and make Nebraska roads safer for employees, family and friends.