Distracted Driving Prevention

Distractions while driving have become more common than turning on the radio. Since 2010, distracted Nebraskan drivers have accumulated 40,946 crashes, 14,018 injuries, and 119 fatalities (NDOT,2021). When we are experiencing an increased workload, like driving and using a cell phone, our spatial awareness, depth perception and reaction time is reduced. Thus, heightening the risk of a motor vehicle crash.

Distracted Driving Statistics

  • Distracted driving accounted for 12% of all total traffic crashes in Nebraska for 2019 (NDOT, 2021) (Speeding crashes account for 6%)

  • Since 2011, rear ended crashes have increased by 21.7% (NDOT, 2021)

  • Nebraska has seen an increase of 31.7% of distracted related crashes since 2010 (NDOT, 2020)

  • Since 2010, Nebraskan teens have been involved in 387 cell phone related traffic crashes (NDOT, 2020)

  • Driving hands-free, we have a 37% reduction in depth perception, spatial awareness and 10% reduction in reaction time. Hand’s-Free is not risk-free. This is not a safer option. (NDOT, 2020)

The National Safety Council, Nebraska is working hard to end this epidemic with a three pronged approach; education, outreach, and advocacy. The National Safety Council has committed a great deal of time and resources to the science behind distracted driving. An excellent resource is Our Driving Concern.

Our Driving Concern (ODC)

The National Safety Council, Nebraska Chapter is working hard to end this epidemic with an approach of education, outreach and advocacy. The National Safety Council has committed a great deal of time and resources to fight back against distracted driving. An excellent free resource such as, Our Driving Concern (ODC). Our Driving Concern provides posters, newsletters and safety huddles for your teams to help educate and maintain the message of safe driving practicies. ODC provides toolkits on how to approach workplace, schools, & organizations about policies on cell phones and seat belts.

The following resources are available for schools, organizations, and businesses:

  • Employee Training Program
  • Workplace Policy Development
  • Traffic Safety Presentations featuring seat belt use, drowsy, impaired, aggressive, and distracted driving!  (15, 30, or 45 Minutes)

If you would like to schedule a free presentation, please contact our Traffic Safety Advocate at 402.898.7368

Advocacy is necessary to let Nebraska lawmakers know NSCN and many Nebraskans support stricter laws and tougher penalties. Experts from National Safety Council, Nebraska often testify before the legislature on bills concerning roadway safety. To contact your state senator, start here