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Free Streaming Safety Videos for All Members

As a member of the National Safety Council - Nebraska Chapter, you can stream safety videos directly to your computer absolutely FREE. Thanks to our corporate sponsor, Highline Warren, we are able to offer these videos FREE to our members.

You will be able to get high quality content directly to your computer. You can use these videos for individual or classroom training.  Many of our members use this material for onboarding new employees.  The options are unlimited, and all free as a member.

  • Hundreds of safety titles are available for online streaming – many in multiple languages
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Downloadable course quizzes
Access Streaming Videos Portal

How to access the Free Online Streaming Videos:

  1. User name and passwords available to members via your Account Manager or Customer Service.
  2. Log-in via portal above
  3. Browse Topics - Videos are arranged in "folders" with multiple videos per folder
  4. To assist in finding the video that will best meet your needs, please use the search function.  
  5. Enjoy!  

Have questions? Need to get your username or password? Contact Customer Service at 402.898.7364 or send us an email 

With the help of our corporate sponsor, Highline Warren,we are able to offer these videos FREE to our members.