FAQ - Traffic Ticket Dismissal

For more information on our online STOP course, navigate to the traffic ticket dismissal homepage and scroll to the bottom to find the online course FAQ.

1. Why should I take a traffic class?

We want you to change your driving behavior and avoid future tickets, accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. We make it as easy as possible for you to choose traffic ticket dismissal instead of just paying a ticket. Take a class and you'll avoid the points and fines up front. You won't plead guilty, you don't have to go to court, and you don't have to pay your ticket. No points will be assessed against your driver’s license and you may save on car insurance costs. In class, you'll learn life-saving driving techniques that will change your life forever. 

A study completed by Quadrant Information Services compared premium increases for one moving violation in several different categories.  The study results are below:

Your preimum increase could be expensive. 
Each of these percentage increases can have a significant financial impact on a driver’s premium.

For instance, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average annual U.S. auto insurance premium is $866. That means an 88 percent premium spike for one reckless driving offense could result in an increase of more than $750 per year. Insurance rate after ticket.jpg

Even relatively “minor” infractions, such as following too close or not yielding to a pedestrian, can mean paying more per year for car insurance.


If your violation can be dismissed, it is recommended that the individual complete the necessary training to become a better driver and decrease your risk of an insurance increase.

Rate increases will be dependent on insurance agency and state, but this study shows how dramatic increases can be.


2. When must I register for and complete class?

You must register for class within 12 calendar days of receiving a Douglas County citation to avoid a late fee. All counties require class to be completed at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the court date on your citation.  

3. Does it matter which county I received my ticket in? 

If your ticket was written in Douglas, Washington, or Cass County, Nebraska, Pottawattamie County, Iowa or the city of Council Bluffs, Iowa, we can help. If your ticket was written elsewhere in Nebraska, you must register with the appropriate agency. If your ticket was written out of state, we may be able to help, but you will need to call or email us for registration advice.

Pottawattamie County citations may require you to go to court and get the judge's permission to take a traffic ticket dismissal course. 

4. What violations am I eligible to take a class for?

County attorneys, city prosecutors and state law determine which violations are eligible. You will be asked to enter your ticket information during the registration process and class eligibility will be determined at that time. 

5. Can I take a traffic class more than once?

Nebraska law requires that you only take a ticket dismissal class for minor traffic violations once every three years. If your violation requires a STAR/ADD class, we look back as far as our records go. You may take this course once every five years. Iowa rules require a one year look back period.

6. Can I take a traffic class if I have a CDL license?

Persons who hold a commercial driver license (CDL) are not eligible to dismiss violations by attending a STOP or STAR class, or persons who received a citation after involvement in an accident AND the officer marked the "PI" (personal injury) box on the ticket are not eligible for the Traffic Ticket Dismissal program. 

7. What information do I need to register for a class?

You will need your valid driver’s license or permit number, ticket information, and a valid credit card number to register for a  class. 

8. What happens after I complete class?

You will be given a completion certificate at end of class. The courthouse is notified that you have completed class. The ticket is then dismissed.