First Aid & CPR Training

Because everyone should be able to save a life.First Aid stock photo.jpg

If a co-worker or family member suddenly had a life-threatening emergency, would you be able to save them? We firmly believe everyone should have the skillset to save a life. Through First Aid, CPR, and AED training you are more likely to step up and be the hero for a person in need.

Why our program excels past others:

  • Our certification meets or exceeds both state and OSHA requirements
  • Our instructors are firefighters, EMTs, and health care providers with years of experience
  • Online training available with skills testing to receive certification card
  • Training available in Spanish
  • Your certification will be recognized across the nation
  • Ample courses offered at convenient times
  • We can customize the course for your company's unique environment and needs

Become a FA/CPR trainer for your organization.  

Why you should be a trainer with the National Safety Council:

  • The National Safety Council curriculum is the only material that meets ALL OSHA requirements.  To compare NSC, American Red Cross and the American Heart Association material, click here.   
  • NSC curriculum provides cost savings for your organization.  Compare the pricing of workbooks, completion cards and training material. 
  • Current instructors can be grandfathered into NSC program.  
  • NSCN also offers all of the products and tools that you need to be a successful trainer.

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To learn more about these programs, or register - Click on the links below.


We offer three choices for Pediatric classes. Pediatric training focuses on infants and children.  Perfect for childcare workers, teachers, camp counselors and anyone responsible for the lives of children.  Click on any of the classes below for more information and to register.



Combination (Adult/Pediatric)

We offer three choices for Combination classes.  These training classes include training for adult and pediatric training. Click on any of the classes below for more information.

Advanced First Aid, CPR/AED for HealthCare and Professional Rescuers

OSHA mandates that a trained first aid responder must be present in high risk industries with the most dangerous jobs where medical emergencies require immediate emergency response. Ensure compliance and prepare your workforce with this comprehensive 40-hour advanced first aid course.

Participants will learn how to:

● Give basic life support training commonly taught to health care and rescue professionals
● Control bleeding and manage shock
● Care for injuries and medical emergencies
● Give advanced resuscitation techniques
● Respond to substance abuse emergencies including Naloxone administration
● Identify special situations: behavioral emergencies, pregnancy and childbirth
● Perform remote-location first aid

Who will benefit:

● Employees in high-risk industries
● College students
● Vocational school programs like HOSA
● College health care professional programs including athletic training, nursing and more
● Professions that require Basic Life Support certification 


Become a First Aid/CPR/AED Trainer

Teach others to save lives by becoming a certified NSC Instructor.  Be prepared to teach Adult or Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED, Basic Life Support, or Bloodborne Pathogens.  NSCN also offers all of the tools and equipment you need to be a successful trainer.  


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a crisis until professional treatment is obtained or the crisis resolves.

Stop the Bleed Training

“Stop the Bleed” is a national campaign focused on awareness and training for life threatening situations.  This one hour training focuses on how to provide care and bleeding control to a victim of a traumatic injury while awaiting emergency medical services.  Attendees will receive a completion certificate. 

This training can be completed during any National Safety Council, Nebraska First Aid training (additional hour training time required).  An additional $15 will be charged for training and certificate. 

Please contact your Account Manager for more information or to schedule training. 

Training for Professional Health Care Providers