Seat Belt Safety

Seat Belt Education Program

It's a fact.  Seat belts save lives.11303777_xl.jpg

In 2020, 132 Nebraskans lost their lives and were not wearing a seat belt. Seat belts, if used properly, can reduce the risk of fatal injury by up to 60%. Even though seat belts are saving more than 13,000 lives annually, only 81% of Nebraskan’s are wearing them.  

Young people aged 15-19 account for only 7% of drivers on the road, but are involved in 21% of the crashes throughout the state of Nebraska. They are also some of the least likely to wear their seat belts.  

Our mission is to save lives and reduce injuries.  We know an increase in seat belt usage will save lives so we offer a Seat Belt Education/Awareness program at  no cost to businesses, schools, and organizations. 

What Does the Seat Belt Education and Awareness Program Offer?

  • Educational Presentations

Schedule a presentation with our health educator to talk to your children, staff, and teams about why seat belt use is so important. Topics include: current Nebraska law and crash statistics, what happens during a crash without a seat belt, why wearing a seat belt in the backseat is important and how distracted driving is impacting the safety of our roads.  

We will come to you and present at your school, community organization, or employer at no cost.  We can present this information to small or large groups. The presentations are time flexible and can be presented in 15, 30, or 45 minutes! 

If you are having a health or safety fair we are able to provide educational information for your students, staff, and parents.  


  • Seat Belt Safety Award Program

We will provide you with the necessary materials and instruction to conduct an unannounced seat belt check at your school, workplace or organization to observe seat belt usage rates. If your usage rate is 90% or higher you will be presented a Seat Belt Safety Award at the National Safety Council, Nebraska’s monthly Critical Issues Breakfast. If your usage rate is below 90% we will help to educate your students in hopes of increasing seat belt usage.  Please click here to learn more and apply. 

  • Seat Belt Policy Assistance

If your school, employer or community organization does not currently have a seat belt policy in place or would like to update an existing policy, please visit Our Driving Concern for the policy toolkit! 

  • Free Resources 

Free educational videos, posters, safety huddles and more are available to you to help raise seat belt awareness at your workplace, school or community organization. You can find free awareness resources at Our Driving Concern

Interested in scheduling a session at your business, school or for your organization?  E-mail: or call: 402.898.7368