Confined Space

Course Description:

This course covers OSHA Permit-Required Confined Space regulation.

Through discussion and activities, our professional facilitator will break down the regulation into terms you can understand. You will learn practices and procedures that will keep you in compliance and help protect your employees.

Course Includes:

  • Key elements of the OSHA Permit-Required Confined Spaces Regulation (29 CFR 1910.146)
  • Confined spaces concepts and terminology
  • The difference between confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces
  • How to identify and evaluate hazards: atmospheric, mechanical, chemical
  • Procedures for controlling hazards
  • Proper protective equipment for confined spaces
  • Duties of the entry supervisor, entrant, and attendant
  • Procedures for self-rescue, non-entry rescue, entry rescue by company employees, and entry rescue by emergency responders
  • Completing the entry process


  • Persons responsible for OSHA compliance
  • Workers
  • Human resources staff
  • Safety managers
  • Loss control managers
  • Safety committee members


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