Nebraska Department of Labor Worker Training Grants


The Worker Training Program, from the Nebraska Department of Labor, is a business incentive program to support the retraining and upgrading of Nebraska’s current workforce. Training is central to preparing Nebraskans to excel in the workplace and in the marketplace today and in the future. The goal of these grants is to broaden the state’s skill pool through grants for training projects that help build productivity and enhance earning capacity and job security. Training improves the quality of goods and services and provides skills needed in today’s workplaces that benefit Nebraska.

In Q4 2018, the Nebraska Department of Labor awareded $327,971 which provided training for 1,986 workers in the state of Nebraska. 

Grants may be submitted for various types of workplace safety training including many programs offered through the National Safety Council, Nebraska.  Please contact your account manager if we can assist with the completion of your application.  

Application Deadlines

First quarter grant applications: Deadline 12/31/18; The Board will meet 1/29/19
Second quarter applications: Deadline 3/31/19; The Board will meet 4/22/19
Third quarter applications: Deadline 6/30/19; The Board will meet 7/22/19
Fourth quarter applications: Deadline 9/30/19; The Board will meet 10/22/19

All applications must be submitted electronically. For more information, guidelines and FAQs, please visit:

Nebraska Department of Labor Grant information  

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