Motorcycle Experienced Riders Course

Course Description:

This program is designed for experienced motorcycle riders to sharpen their skills using their own mechanically sound and street-legal motorcycle. Students must have at least one year of riding experience (3,000 miles ridden) and have all required riding gear. RiderCoaches will provide specific advice on improving riding abilities. Curriculum includes classroom instruction and range exercises followed by a riding evaluation. At graduation, riders receive a MSF completion card which allows the motorcycle endorsement to be added to the Operators Permit, without testing. Some insurance companies may offer a discount for course completion.

Course Includes:

  • Pre-riding safety inspection
  • Basic riding skills (mounting, starting, posture, turning, stopping, etc.)
  • Street strategies
  • Sharing the road 
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Safely handling other special situations
  • Carrying passengers or other loads
  • The effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body

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