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Member Spotlight

Miller Electric.jpgMiller Electric is Committed to Worker & Community Safety
April 30, 2019

A first year Nebraska's Safest Company with Distinction and a Mod score of 0.56 top the list of Miller Electric's recent accomplishments. From arc flash safety training to building and promoting multiple prefab facilities, it's no secret that Miller Electric is committed and serious about safety. So much so that they were awarded the Nebraska's Safest Company Award with Distinction for the first time. “If you are serious about developing a safety culture the right way you need mentorship, encouragement and sharing of experiences. We get that from our membership in the NSC and that means a lot to our success in driving down injuries in the workplace and at home.” says Safety Director, Scott Love. 

Miller Electric understands that having a strong focus on safety also makes business sense. The results of their most recent NCCI report provided them with proof that working safe leads to greater, not lesser, profit. Their latest Mod score of 0.56 is the lowest their current President, Ray Bruegman, has ever seen. “A 0.56 mod is the lowest in my tenure here. I always thought a 0.69 was out of reach and anything in the 50’s was a fantasy!" said Bruegman. Their Mod score means they will now pay nearly 40 percent less for  workers compensation insurance than a commercial electrical contractor with a Mod score of 1.0.

We'd like to not only congratulate Miller Electric on these outstanding accomplishments, but also thank them for their support of our mission and advocacy. Miller Electric will be sponsoring 35 high school students to attend our upcoming Celebration of Safety Luncheon. This will give them the chance to listen to national distracted driving advocate, Jacy Good's presentation encouraging everyone to "Hang up and drive." 

Again, thank you and congratulations to our member company, Miller Electric! 


IMG_2348.jpgAirlite Plastics Hosts Monthly Safety Committee Meetings
March 28, 2019

The Safe at Work Breakfast Series Meeting wraps up around 8:45am on the 4th Thursday of every month, but at that time, a different meeting is also just beginning. NSCN member company, Airlite Plastics, uses the time following the Safe at Work Breakfast to host their monthly safety committee meetings. Each month the topic may vary, but attendance is always consistent. On average, Airlite has 15 or more employees participate in the breakfast/safety meeting combo. When members beome engaged and involved in their NSCN benefis, their committment to doing "Safety without Shortcuts" becomes stronger each and every day. 


IMG_2290.JPGJohn Hensch Presented with Fundamentals in Safety Certificate
March 28, 2019

We would like to congratulate John Hensch, Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, who was presented his Fundamentals in Safety Certificate at this month's Safe at Work Breakfast meeting! He completed his FSC back in August 2018 and since then has also completed his Certified Safety & Health Official Certificate. We appreciate his dedication to safety in his organization as well as our community!


IMG958812.jpgSouthwest Iowa Renewable Energy Encourages Employee Engagement
January 29, 2019

When it comes to safety, SIRE believes employee engagement is the ticket. Each month, employees are encouraged to attend or participate in safety "events" to expand on their culture of "Safety Without Shortcuts". One of their reoccurring engagements includes NSCN's Safe at Work Breakfast Series. SIRE reserves a table for the entire series which allows for different employees to attend each month. This month, Eric Grundke was a hit– SIRE's table was completely full (as well as others!) The 8 that attended were able to bring back great safety information to the remainder of their group. We love seeing our NSCN members take full advantage of their benefits spread! 


NSCN in the News


6.5.19 - The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer 5.8.19 - Drivers Aged 65 and Older May Face More Challenges on the Road than Younger Drivers 4.27.19 - Father Remembers Daughter Lost to Distracted Driving, Reminds Others to Focus on the Road 4.26.19 - Healthy Kids Day Keeps Kids in Shape 4.18.19 - Death Toll on NE Roads Falls, Most Could Have Been Saved in March 2.12.19 - Cell Phone Use a Factor in Morning Collisions 2.1.19 - Lower Speed Limits on Certain Roads Could Lead to Slower Drivers Everywhere 1.5.19 - Reducing Traffic Deaths Remains Priority for Fred Zwonechek in Retirement 12.14.18 - Crash Survivor Recommends Buckling Up No Matter Where You Sit in the Car
12.1.18 - NSCN Receives Sponsorship from AT&T For "Distracted Driving Affected Me" Campaign

IMG_2188.JPGAt our November Breakfast Series, we were honored to receive support from AT&T in the amount of $25,000 to be put towards our "Distracted Driving Affected Me" campaign. Like NSCN, AT&T understands the lasting effects that distracted driving can have on any one of us and agree that the deadly habit needs to come to an end. We truly appreciate your generous support! Visit our campaign webpage below to learn more. 

Distracted Driving Affected Me
Membership Spotlight Archive

IMG958799.jpgTwo IndivIMG958801.jpgduals Awarded Advanced Safety Certificates
January 25, 2019

Bradley Palu, NPPD and Shane Docken, MUD receive their ASC (Advanced Safety Certificate). The NSC Advanced Safety Certficate program is a nationally-recognized safety curriculum.  This certificate program is designed to maximize your effectiveness as a safety leader and help you establish best practices for your organization. The ASC curriculum provides an in-depth look at the issues safety professionals face every day and offers proven approaches and solutions.  This program will help you learn how to direct your organization's comprehensive safety plan with greater efficiency and success.


Holly Hollenbeck Rotarian of the Year.jpgWorkFit's Holly Hollenbeck is Awarded Rotarian of the Year by Suburban Rotary of Omaha
January 9, 2019

Published in the December 2018 issue of Metro magazine and interviewed on metroTV, Holly Hollenbeck, Attorney/Director at WorkFit, talks about her involvement volunteering and in the Suburban Rotary. Their mission- "Service Above Self." Holly was awarded Rotarian of the Year for 2017-2018. She has been very active in the club serving as a Board Member and Community Service Committee Chair this year and creating the Homeless Foot Clinic Service Project. To see the full length interview on metroTV, click here


IMG_3188.jpgCrete Carrier Gets in the Holiday Spirit by Supporting Santa Cop Program
December 17, 2018

We're proud to have Crete Carrier as a member of NSCN. Their employees have decided to give back to their community this holiday season by supporting Lincoln's annual Santa Cop program.

Santa Cop is a collective program in which many businesses take part in to help make a difference for struggling families in the Lincoln area. The program began in 1980 when a handful of Lincoln Police Union members sprouted the idea to start a program that would help the children of Lincoln who ‘fell through the cracks’ of existing programs. Santa Cop recognizes that children have no control over these circumstances and know they will often go without during this special time of year. The program is completely run by police officers in the Lincoln Police Department in their off-duty time.





IMG_2173.JPGOutlook Nebraska Gets Recognized for 5 Years Without a Lost Time Incident
November 29, 2018

At our November Breakfast Series, we recognized Outlook Nebraska for going 5 years without a lost time incident. Congratulations to them on such an amazing accomplishment! 
About Outlook Nebraska: They were founded in early 2000 as a not-for-profit organization with just four blind associates producing paper products, a clear vision for the future and a determination to establish and foster a productive blind and visually impaired workforce. As they grew they kept learning, expanding and providing enriching opportunities for their associates, clients and community. Today, they are the largest employer of the blind and visually impaired not just in Nebraska, but a 7-state region. They continue to produce tissue and towel products, along with hopes, dreams, accomplishments and futures.


Three Individuals Receive Safety Certificates
November 29, 2018

Abbey Cherney from Airlite Plastics received her SSH (Specialist in Safety & Health). TheIMG_2156.JPG SSH certification program is intended to give the health and safety professional comprehensive knowledge of workplace hazards and an understanding of OSHA regulatory standards. These real-world courses help students immediately apply what they have learned within their own organizations. The SSH allows students to concentrate their training on either Construction or General Industry building their knowledge base focused on their career.  




IMG_2163.JPGBryan Bernhards from OPPD received his ASC (Advanced Safety Certificate). The NSC Advanced Safety Certficate program is a nationally-recognized safety curriculum.  This certificate program is designed to maximize your effectiveness as a safety leader and help you establish best practices for your organization. The ASC curriculum provides an in-depth look at the issues safety professionals face every day and offers proven approaches and solutions.  This program will help you learn how to direct your organization's comprehensive safety plan with greater efficiency and success.



IMG_2169.JPGJesse Biltoft from Conductix received his CSHO (Certified Safety & Health Official).  A Certified Safety & Health Official (CSHO) is a nationally recognized program focusing on safety and health regulations and interpretations, training requirements, employee safety and involvement, workers rights and responsibilities, employer accountability, program development and implementation.  This certificate program will advance your career in the safety and health profession by earning a valuable credential.