candace_home.jpgJoin us for the 38th Annual Celebration of Safety!

2020 brought about lot of change.  Our organizations needed to learn to do business differently.  While you needed to add COVID safety protocols, businesses also needed to stay focused on core safety programs to ensure your employees were able to return home each night to their families. 
It's time to Celebrate Safety, and Celebrate You!

The Celebration of Safety is an annual event hosted by the National Safety Council – Nebraska Chapter designed to celebrate and provide focus on Nebraska organizations who don't take shortcuts with their safety. 

This year we continue that tradition  - "virtually with a twist".  

Date:  Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Time:  11:30-1:30
Location:  Link will be sent to all registered attendees
Keynote speaker:  Candace Carnahan will be sharing her message "See Something, Say Something"

Need a snack for the event?  We got you covered! 

This year we will be distributing snacks to all registered attendees*.  Those organizations that purchase a table of 10, will receive enough snacks for each registered person!  We encourage you to attend virtually as if we were having an in-person event.  Share the excitement with other members of your team!  

Single registration:  $100 pp
Table of 10:  $950
VIP Table of 10:  Please speak to Susan at 402.898.7354 or Bree 402.898.7350 about being an event sponsor.  Event sponsors will receive additional recognition.  

* To insure delivery of your snacks and awards for the event, we ask that you register prior to Wednesday, May 5th at 5pm.  

** As a non-profit organization, a portion of your registration is tax deductible.  Thank you for your support!


To register with credit card, please click on the link below.  For invoice registrations, please call 402.898.7364.




Our Keynote Speaker - Candace Carnahan



We all know the right things to do to keep safe, so why aren’t we doing them?

Candace has developed a plethora of mantras throughout her 19 years in the safety industry – but none are as powerful, effective, or as energizing as her call to action for her audience to ‘SEE SOMETHING. SAY SOMETHING!’

By referencing the many contributing factors that led to her workplace incident, she ignites a desire in her audience to answer this call.

Candace uses her own experiences, and encourages her audience to join her by ‘logging into life’ and actively seek out situations where speaking up changes a life for the better.

Perhaps this is reminding someone to buckle up, or simply asking someone how they are doing.

Candace believes that it’s the little things done on a day to day basis that facilitate huge changes. By reminding people that until we achieve ZERO injuries, we can each do ‘one thing safer’ – a challenge accepted by audiences around the world.

It takes ‘Courage to care!’ Speaking up isn’t easy, and peer pressure isn’t something we leave behind when we finish high school – it’s a reality in our workplaces and can cause us to remain silent when our voices need to be heard. Candace encourages her audience to tap in to their “courage to care,” and to act on it, with the realization that each and every day, we all have the capacity to change a life – or maybe even save one.