Employee Safety Perception Survey

NSC Employee Perception Survey

The National Safety Council Employee Safety Perception Survey provides your organization the information and insight necessary to gauge and improve your safety performance. Surveys are leading indicators of future safety performance, unlike injury rates, which are lagging indicators of past experience. With this valid and reliable information, you can evaluate your program, establish priorities, motivate improvement, and monitor performance at multiple sites, locations, and departments. 

The National Safety Council researchers have developed a unique survey that enables organizations to evaluate their safety management systems from several perspectives. More than just obtaining safety performance data, our in-house staff of research and statistics experts also helps management interpret the meaning behind the numbers. We benchmark your results with a proprietary database of surveys conducted at more than 750 establishments, representing over a million employees, to give you a perspective on how your safety management system compares to other operations.


If you interested in hearing more, contact Adam Hook (402.898.7365) or Bree Allis (402.898.7350) today. 

What is the NSC Employee Perception Survey?
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