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Not all First Aid training meets all OSHA guidelines.

Partner with the National Safety Council, Nebraska - the ONLY First Aid Training Provider that Meets OSHA Regulations.

From First Aid, CPR and AED training to Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens training, the National Safety Council, Nebraska offers in-depth, flexible programs that ensure your organization is meeting OSHA compliance regulations, and your employees gain the skills they need to save lives, both on and off the job.

NSC provides the expert guidance you need to make the best training decisions - train your team in-house or work with our instructors to train your team for you.

Become an instructor - become an instructor for your organization. We provide the tools and instruction needed to provide world-class training to your employees. Our comprehensive training materials for instructors offers customizable, situational training based on your industry.  

Already a First Aid/CPR trainer?  - Great!  We will gladly grandfather you in to our training program - and for a limited time only - we will provide the instructor manual FREE of charge*.  That's a $164.95 value!  Speak to your account manager or call 402.898.7364 for more information.  

Onsite training - one of our skilled instructors will provide the training for your team at your facility.

Training in our classrooms - we have regulary scheduled classes open to the public and corporations or we will schedule a session just for your team.

Online training - an online training session plus a hands-on assessment will provide you complete certification.

Let us help you and your team be prepared - 

Because everyone should be able to save a life. 

*Offer valid until November 1, 2018. Ask your account manager for specific details.

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