Workplace Safety Certificate Programs

Workplace Safety Certificate Programs

Step Up Your Safety Training

As a safety professional you will gain valued professional credentials and CEUs as you build knowledge and skills to help move your organization closer to best safety practices.

Are you ready to take your Safety Profession to the next level? Advance your safety career through our certificate program.

Why should you complete the certificate programs?

  • Increase your awareness of changing federal regulations
  • Enhance your advancement opportunities
  • Use your new knowledge and implement it into your organization

Not all safety professionals look alike or have completed the same education.  According to the Safety+Health 2015 salary survey based on 1,400 safety professionals, the level of education and continued education completed can drastically change one's salary base.  We believe that continued education will maintain every safety professional's understanding of new regulations and safety techniques. 

Certificate in Safety Leadership

The Certificate in Safety Leadership from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the National Safety Council, Nebraska will help develop your leadership mentality and give you the skills to succeed. The sessions are scheduled 1 day a month for 9 months and limited to 16 participants.  


Fundamentals of Safety Certificate

Who should earn this certificate?

  • Supervisors
  • Safety directors
  • Safety committee members
  • Human resource managers
  • Individuals who want to know more about workplace safety and OSHA compliance.


  • #7510 Introduction to OSHA (Waived with proof of completion of 1910 or 1926)
  • Any electives from the provided list (choose a minimum of 24 hours)


Advanced Safety Certificate (ASC)

Who should earn this certificate?

  • Safety managers/directors
  • Safety committee members
  • Human resource managers
  • Safety coordinators/specialists
  • Loss control managers
  • Operations managers with direct responsibility for the safety of employees

This Certifcate program is designed to maximize your effectiveness as a safety leader and help you establish best practices for your organization.


  • POSH (Principles of Occupational Safety and Health)
  • A minimum of 5.2 CEUs from any of the electives on a provided list

Take the next step in Safety Training. Earn your SSH for General Industry or Construction Industry. This is a fundamental certificate program requiring just four courses. Have you completed course from other OSHA Training Center? Don’t worry, you can transfer up to two courses to achieve this certificate


  • OSHA # 510 or OSHA # 511
  • Three (3) electives from a provided list


Earn this nationally recognized professional safety and health certificate. Increase your awareness of changing regulations, enhance advancement opportunities and gain valuable knowledge to implement into your organization.


  • Six (6) OSHA courses
  • Two (2) electives from a provided list

With this industry recognized certification, you can advance your career in the safety, health, environmental and risk managment profession.


  • Five (5) OSHA courses
  • Two (2) environmental courses
  • One (1) risk management course

Click here for downloadable PDF of our different certificate programs

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