Safe at Work

Safe at Work

Great progress in injury prevention has been made over the years in occupational safety and health, yet costs to employers continue to be huge. Costs are not only in workers' compensation but in lost productivity, medical costs, administrative expenses, and time lost by employees.

The National Safety Council, Nebraska (NSCN) helps businesses reduce these costs by providing numerous safety and health training programs, consultation, and other resources. Our training and consulting staff provides years of experience and knowledge.

The National Safety Council, Nebraska offers a wide range of safety consulting services.  The Workplace Safety Advisor Program is specifically designed to serve your company's safety needs.

NSCN provides all NSC certificate programs and is an OSHA Training Institutue (OTI).


NSCN offers a full range of safety consulting services.

Journey to Safety Excellence

NSC offers tools for the Journey to Safety Excellence.

A guide for continuous improvement in workplace safety.

Investing in safety is not only best practice, it’s financially and ethically the right thing to do. But where do you start?

 The Journey to Safety Excellence begins with measurement - an evaluation of what’s currently in place, what’s performing well and what could be improved. 

Pinpoint your safety needs with the NSC Safety System Assessment. This self-assessment tool.  is a 69-question form to be completed by the person leading the safety effort at your organization. Results will be benchmarked against a database of more than 500 organizations. Get started

Top 10 Preventable Workplace Incidents. Workplace incidents are unplanned, undesired events that hinder completion of a task and may cause injury or other damage. All incidents are preventable. Here are the Top 10 most reported workers’ compensation injuries as listed by top insurance companies around the country.

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