Motorcycle Basic Rider Course

6 Hours Classroom
10 Hours Range


MSF and DMV required e-Course must be completed/passed prior to attending the BRC. After you register online you’ll receive an email with a coupon code to register, at no cost, for the e-Course on the MSF website. After completing/passing the e-Course you will print out your certificate and you MUST bring the completion certificate to class in order to be able to continue. If you do not present your proof of completion at class you will not be allowed to continue and there will be no refund for the cost of the course.

Basic Motorcycle Rider Course is for participants who have never ridden a motorcycle. Motorcycles are provided for this training. Curriculum includes classroom sessions and range exercises followed by a riding evaluation. National Safety Council, Nebraska RiderCoaches help riders learn to become more comfortable with the bike. At graduation, riders receive a MSF completion card which allows the motorcycle endorsement to be added to the Operators Permit, without testing.

  • Selecting a motorcycle to suit your needs, riding style, and body type

  • Selecting a quality helmet and other riding gear

  • Motorcycle controls

  • Pre-riding safety inspection

  • Basic riding skills (mounting, starting, posture, turning, stopping, etc.)

  • Street strategies

  • Sharing the road 

  • Evasive maneuvers

  • Safely handling other special situations

  • Carrying passengers or other loads

  • The effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body



Class: National Safety Council, Nebraska
11620 M Circle, Omaha, NE 68137
Range: Omaha & Fire Training Facility
11616 Rainwood Road, Omaha, NE 68142


April-October on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

National Safety Council,

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Omaha, NE 68137 

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