Nebraska's Safest Companies Awards

Because safety is essential to your organization...

As a member of the National Safety Council, Nebraska, your company sees the value in a quality safety program. As you know, safety is a wise investment for your employees, visitors, and a strong bottom line.

The Nebraska’s Safest Companies Award was established to recognize and celebrate commendable safety programs throughout our state.

We encourage all members to apply for the award – even if you think you may not earn an award this year. Participating companies who do not receive an award can receive a brief, walk-through inspection by one of the National Safety Council, Nebraska consulting staff. Our mission is to help make Nebraskans safer one company at a time.

Simply complete the Nebraska’s Safest Companies Application providing the following information:

  • OSHA 300 logs
  • Supporting information regarding safety programs and policies and the proactive steps taken to demonstrate your commitment to safety

In addition to providing injury data, members will also complete the Safety Program Evaluation Scorecard. It measures progress in implementing a comprehensive safety program.  The application is a secure page, and all information you provide is confidential. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Your application will be compared using your safety statistics against industry averages and similar sized companies.  Click here to learn more about how companies are compared.  Organizations of all sizes and from all industries will win.  Apply here.

Join us on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 for the Celebration of Safety at the LaVista Conference Center.

Program information:

  • Open to all National Safety Council, Nebraska members throughout Nebraska
  • Winners are based on their recordable cases, lost work days and DART rating and compared against industry averages 
  • No fee to submit application
  • Organizations must have a written injury/illness program
  • Applicants must submit OSHA 300A log and complete the application form online

Winners will receive:

  • Recognition and trophy at the Celebration of Safety on May 9, 2018
  • Media release to announce your accomplishment
  • Congratulatory listing in NSCN publications and social media
  • Nebraska’s Safest Company insignia that can be used on your website/email signatures
  • Nebraska’s Safest Company window cling for your offices

Applications are completed online and are due 
on or before Wednesday, February 28, 2018. 

For more about the program, criteria, definitions and other questions, click here.

 Please contact Susan Booth with questions.  


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