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Apr 28, 2016

Having a teenager is scary business.  Every time they get behind the wheel and pull out of the driveway, as a parent there is always that pang of “what ifs”.  You pray that you have given them all of the best instruction, that you have prepared them for any possibility.  But oftentimes as parents we have provided them with the worst lesson of all.  We have driven while eating fast food, we have talked on our cell phones while driving, we have sent a quick text.

The National Safety Council conducted a study that concluded 25% of all automobile collisions in the United States are the result of inattentive driving while using a cell phone.

The NSC study estimates that 21 percent of all auto collisions in 2013 (1.2 million out of 5.7 million) were linked to the use of handheld or hands-free cell phone use. The council’s study estimates that talking on the phone resulted in 1.2 million crashes of this total number and texting added another 341,000 crashes.

These are all scary statistics.  So, as you get behind the wheel today, remember; Put the phone down.  Put the burger down.  Focus on the road.  And remember – yours kids are watching you and will learn from your behavior.

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