Myths and Facts about Seat Belt Use

Jun 27, 2016

Here are some common arguments against using seat belts, along with the reasons why you should buckle up

MYTH: You really don’t need to use a seat belt if you’re just driving locally or for a short distance.

FACT: Accidents are just as likely to happen close to the workplace or your home.


MYTH: I’m a good, safe driver, and I’ve never had an accident.

FACT: No matter how well you drive, you could be the victim of another driver’s unsafe acts, bad weather, mechanical failure, etc.


MYTH: You don’t need to wear a seat belt if you’re in the back seat.

FACT: People in the back seat who are not wearing seat belts can be thrown forward or even thrown from the vehicle. They need seat belts as much as those in the front seats.


MYTH: If your vehicle is equipped with air bags, you don’t need to also wear a seat belt.

FACT: Even with air bags, you need to wear a seat belt. Seat belts hold you in position so that the air bag will inflate directly in front of you in a crash. Furthermore, seat belts, unlike air bags, also protect you from rear and side crashes.


The Click It Don’t Risk It Campaign is a public education campaign designed to increase Nebraska’s seat belt usage rate.  CIDRI offers educational tools for businesses, schools and groups.

For more information on Click It Don’t Risk It (CIDRI) or to order FREE educational posters, stickers and brochures—go to /safe-road/safety-belt/

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