7 Expert Tips for Streamlining Your Safety Process

Aug 07, 2017

Trying to improve your safety process and possibly make it more digital and less paper-bound? Nick Candito, cofounder and CEO of Progressly, has some ideas.
Progressly provides a platform for companies to speed up business processes and improve efficiency. Here are the 7 steps he recommends:
1. Start by defining goals for safety success and the sub-steps to achieve them.
2. Engage field operators early in the process. This helps you socialize your vision and goals and avoid a top-down process.
3. Consider motivations and barriers. People are more likely to complete a task when they have the skills, time, materials, and motivation to do so. For example, if you’ve created a checklist for a particular process, make sure employees know the benefit of completing it and make sure someone on the receiving end is paying attention to the findings.
4. Pilot and repeat. A good process can be ruined by poor implementation and supervisors must help support implementation. Pilot a new process or tool (checklist, observations, etc.) with a small number of workers, get their suggestions and buy in, then roll it out to a larger group.
5. Make the data actionable. Define the problem you want to solve and provide supervisors and others with a system that lets users view and use the audits, procedures, field observations, etc.
6. Enforce accountability and visibility. Create a process that helps everyone be accountable for involvement in the safety process.
7. Celebrate success. Make your efforts public and reward employees who contribute to improving your safety process.

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