Hall of Fame

Nebraska Safety & Health Hall of Fame

Since 1994 individuals who have significantly served the safety and health, injury-prevention mission of the National Safety Council, Nebraska have been inducted into our “Safety and Health Hall of Fame.”

Recipients are recognized for their vision and inspirational leadership, for influencing influencers, their dedication to safety and ambassadorship of the mission, and their support and encouragement which builds a strong foundation and gives an exceptional staff the power and confidence to move the Council forward to serve the entire state.  Hall of Fame members are leaders, advisors, organizers, visionaries, and advocates.  They all show a strong personal commitment to safety, while rallying community support for safety, and are generous with their resources for the benefit of others.

Nomination Process

Do you know someone who has dedicated their life to safety? Please let us know about those individuals across the state who are deserving of this honor. Nominations come from many Nebraska sources and are considered by the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee. Individuals are elected to the Hall of Fame by the Board of Directors of the National Safety Council, Nebraska.

Meet Members of the Hall of Fame

Below are the people who give our society its character and improve the quality of life in Nebraska.

2017 Recipients: Ed Burchfield & Dave Stolp
2014 Recipient: Kay Farrell
2012 Recipient: Fred Zwonechek
2011 David M. Ambrose, PhD & Nebraska Senator Daniel C Lynch
2010 Recipients: Bill Oakes & Rick Russell
2008 Recipient: Mike Fahey
2006 Recipient: Alan Simon
2005 Recipients: John Moch & Owen Neary
2004 Receipient: Bruce Tresslar
2003 Reciepient: Don Begley
2002 Recipients: David Houghton, Marty Conboy, Jim Jansen
2000 Recipient: Lorraine Giles
1999 Recipients: Gary Bucchino, Jerry Guinane, & Jon Bischof
1997 Recipients: Joseph Laferla & Robert Ward
1996 Recipients: Marylois Skochdopole & Ed Sawyer
1995 Recipient: Benard W. Reznicek
1994 Recipients: Judge Walter Cropper, Kermit Hansen, Judge Paul Hickman & Ed Rosen

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