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Milestone Award

Since 1998 in Douglas County, motor vehicle injury crashes in Douglas County have been reduced by 42% and traffic injuries by 47% according to statistics compiled by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety. This decrease comes despite record increases in vehicle registrations, drivers, and miles driven. We are pleased to recognize and celebrate the efforts of the following organizations* who worked together to achieve these results.

Martin Conboy, retired Omaha City Prosecutor, receiving the Milestone Award on behalf of the award receipients.

  • AAA Nebraska

  • Bennington Police Department

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

  • Children's Hospital

  • Douglas County Board of Commissioners

  • Douglas County Courts

  • Douglas County Probation

  • Douglas County Sheriff

  • Hauptman O'Brien & Lathrop P.C.

  • Kohl's Cares for Kids

  • MADD

  • Metro Area Motorist Assist Program

  • Metropolitan Area Planning Agency

  • National Safety Council, Greater Omaha Chapter

  • NE Department of Motor Vehicles

  • NE Department of Roads

  • NE Governor Dave Heineman

  • NE Health and Human Services

  • NE State Patrol

  • Omaha City Council

  • Omaha City Prosecutor

  • Omaha Fire and Rescue EMS

  • Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey

  • Omaha Police Department

  • Omaha Public Works

  • Omaha Traffic Engineering

  • Project Extra Mile

  • Ralston Police Department

  • Rickerson & Kruger LLC

  • State Farm Insurance

  • Valley Police Department

  • Waterloo Police Department

Thank you also to many businesses who have sponsored and supported fleet safety, child passenger safety and safety belt usage policies within and without their organizations.

This phenomenal result is one example of why the Greater Omaha Area has been designated a Safe Community by the World Health Organization.

*Presented alphabetically

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